Tap the video to enjoy a 360 immersion experience! We first take you to the driver’s meeting that features Tyler Lee Racing, Ryan Martin, Killer Cab, Birdman, Bobby Ducote, and more.

Fans and family! We are checking in to update you on our awesome weekend!


We arrived at Gulfport Dragway on Friday, November 16, 2018 around 4pm to find the track already busy with motorhomes and racers from all over!

As we entered the pits, we were excited to see Ryan Martin’s Fireball Comarro and trailer sitting immediately to the right. Directly following Fireball was Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi with both of their cars sitting side by side under tents. Killer Cab was next in the pits and was already out by their car tuning and adjusting the finer settings.

With a lineup like this right when you pull up, the vibe can be intimidating. Well, until we spotted a familiar face. Bobby Ducote came swerving around in a tiny smart car with 3 grown men hanging on. This made us feel right at home reminding us that we’re here to have a good time!

The drivers meeting was full of drivers from all over, each one with the same goal. To win. The track officials verbally gave instructions to each class and the suspense was building up. Finally, Big Tire class was up.

Roll call was made and then chips were pulled. We found ourselves paired up with the one and only Ryan Martin. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Ryan Martin is number 1 in points for The Dirty South No Prep. This means we were paired with the TOP DOG right off the trailer. But hey, we came to race.

Later on, the smaller classes made their passes and the other Big Tire competitors had made their runs. It was now time for our take against Ryan Martin.

Engines roaring, Tyler in the left lane, Ryan Martin in the right lane!

The members of the crowd were all placing bets behind each car. However, very few placed any bets in favor of Tyler Lee Racing.

Tyler staged, and Ryan staged quickly after.


Tyler and Ryan both flew down the track, neither driver holding anything back. The 360 footage will prove the quickness of Ryan Martin’s fireball comaro.

HOWEVER, right before the green light, Ryan Martin’s car jumped causing him to red light.

Tyler had no idea that Ryan lost on a technicality until we made it back to the pits and one of John Fahr’s sons revealed the light!

For some reason, our prayers were answered and all the positive support from our community back home pulled us through to the next round.

Ryan Martin was now out of the race for tonight’s battle. I personally still can’t believe it; we made it to round 2!

40 minutes later we found ourselves in the staging lanes at the next drivers meeting. This was to determine who raced who for round 2.

We drew our chips and paired with yet another Street Outlaw favorite, Killer Cab.

Luck was truly on our side that night as Killer Cab hadn’t made it to the lanes! They were having technical issues and were spotted tearing down into their car pretty good!

Within seconds of being forced to forfeit, giving us a bye run, Killer Cab showed up ready to race! Oh my, here we go again!

This time Tyler had the right lane, Killer Cab had the left. Both drivers performed long entertaining burnouts and the bets started rolling in. Once again, few viewers betting in favor of Tyler Lee Racing.

Both drivers staged, GREEN!

Killer Cab got a solid jump, but Tyler barely overtook Killer Cab right before the finish line giving us a victory and putting us to round 3, the final round! The 360 footage showed a narrow separation between the two cars.

Wow. We somehow made it to the final round after going heads-up against two Street Outlaw giants. However, we had problems of our own.

Tyler relayed to John Fahr, the mechanic for Fahr Automotive and Tyler Lee Racing, that the car was feeling off. It just wasn’t getting up to speed how it normally would.

Without any time to dive into the car or to make any adjustments, we found ourselves back in the staging lanes against Freddy. The final round was about to begin.

Tyler Lee was in the left lane and Freddy was in the right. Once again, both cars performed a loud and proud burnout and then staged.


Freddy took off down the track showing good speed and control while Tyler was doing everything he could to try and get the car up to speed.

Something was/is definitely wrong with the 67’ Chevy Nova which prevented us from a closer take in the final round and also downed the car from being able to run Saturday.

However, it didn’t stop us from having a great time and we learned a great deal about who we are up against.

Once again, we experienced the true nature of drag racing. ANYTHING can happen on the track, we just have to be prepared.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming races. We can’t wait to get back home to iron out some technical problems and then get back on the track.

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